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From Our Greenhouse to your Home

The calendar is filled with holidays. Each is celebrated in their own unique way. From picnics to barbecues, fireworks and turkeys and eggs and rabbits, they all share a joy of celebration. The Christmas season is particularly special as it shares the joy of bringing together family and friends amid the quiet beauty of brightly colored lights, music and many ethnic traditions passed down from generation to generation.

We at Ted's wish all of our customers and friends a very Merry Christmas. We thank you for your business and for allowing us to be your supplier of plants to beautify your gardens and world. We hope to continue to serve you as we enter a new decade. If you happen to find yourself in Tinley Park, we encourage you to stop by and say hi.

From all of us at Ted's, Merry Christmas

Ted, Dan, Karen, Jessica, Becky, Cesar, Nick, Nikki, Paz, Genaro, Josh, Jen, Tilly, Ben, Katie, Mary, Scott, Guadalupe, Laura, Jose', Jake, Steve, Taylor, Bill, Donna, Greg and of course Rosie and Lily.

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