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The "Gateway Plant"

A gateway to somewhere or something is usually the point at which you make a decision to go forward and take on a project or cross over into areas uncharted but exciting.

The St. Louis Arch is often referred to as the gateway to the west. It was at a place in our country where those coming from the east moved into the great unknown filled with enthusiasm and excitement for what they might find or experience.

It's the same with plants. Pothos has been called the "gateway plant" because it is the perfect starter plant for all of the soon-to-be plant parents. It is great for college dorms and even on top of filing cabinets in the office.

This plant can be found in a green form or the leaves can be splashed with white or yellow. There are some with bright chartreuse leaves.

Pothos has many common names including golden pothos, hunter's robe, ivy arum, money plant, and taro vine. Another very curious name, devil's ivy was given to this plant because it is nearly impossible to kill and stays alive in even the darkest of areas. What's nice about the plant is that anybody can be successful in having a plant that not only survived but actually grows. This fuels the excitement to start building and adding to your plant collection. An addiction that many have faced.

Pothos is a trailing vine like plant that will tolerate low light conditions and watering that might be called sporadic at best. This plant will produce a handsome looking hanging basket or even a nice trailer across your windowsill. Best growth and color is achieve when given a bright light location. Allo soils to dry slightly between watering. Light monthly fertilization during the growing season (May to September) benefits the plant.

If you want more pothos for yourself or friends, it is easy to propagate. Take six inch long tip cuttings, insert them into a glass of water and before long you'll have roots and the plant is ready to pot. It's just that easy. Some even put cuttings in an attractive vase allowing them to root and just leave them in the vase. Occasionally add water or even dumping out the water and adding fresh. It can live like that for years.

So, if you are ready to step into the sometimes intimidating world of green plants, try pothos. It will bolster your confidence to take on more challenging members of the green and leafy.

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